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Two-Way Travel Table Slides

Waliton’s two-way travel table slides feature an extended length to serve any table-extending purpose. Constructed of materials such as aluminum, hardened cold rolled steel and galvanized steel, our double-extension table slides can support loads up to 165 lbs. The special drive mechanism enables the slides to smoothly open and close on either side.

  • Unlimited Length
  • Strong Load Capacity
  • Smooth Movement
  • Easy to Use

Featured Two-Way Travel Table Slides

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Automatic Lifting Table Slides

Combining the table-extending feature and the automatic-lifting feature, Waliton’s automatic lifting table slides fit easily into today’s modern home and have become one of our hottest sales. The complicated sliding mechanism coordinates the movements of the extra table leaf and the regular table leaves, while the ball-bearing mechanism with self-lubrication properties increases the slides’ reliability.

  • Advanced Functionality
  • Stable Structure
  • Smooth Operation
  • Saving Space

Featured Automatic Lifting Table Slides

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